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Our Services

The services of TyfloCentrum Praha, o.p.s. are aimed at adult persons ages 18 and up (some services are used by persons aged 15 and up) with a visual or combined (visual as well as other) handicap in the Prague and Central Bohemia areas.

 We offer our services in the service centre (ambulatory) or in the field. Regular activities take place every weekday from the morning hours into the afternoon. Our places of business are in Prague, Kolín, Mladá Boleslav, Příbram and Rakovník.
Registered Services:
  • Professional social counseling
  • Guide and Reader services
  • Social activation services for seniors and persons with handicaps (free time activities, volunteer program)
  • Social rehabilitation (support of employment opportunities)

The Goals of our Services:

Guide and Reader services:
By means of offering guide and reader services, we offer help to those that have limited independent mobility, orientation or access to information as a result of their visual impairment.
Professional social counseling:
The goal of our social counseling is to offer services to our clients and their relatives, as well as offer information about the social and legislative aspects of the client’s condition. We also inform about the possible compensations that are available, and help the client and his/her relatives orient themselves in them, so that they can use them to their fullest.
Social Activation services (free time activities, volunteer program):
The goal is to support the active lifestyles of those that use the service, mostly by incorporating them into a community, creating social relationships, strengthening their self-esteem and generally helping them find their place in society.
Social Rehabilitation (development of employment opportunities):
By means of social rehabilitation we help those with a visual impairment gain, renew and develop those abilities that help to incorporate them into the general society to the highest possible capacity. This service usually takes the form of educational activities and the development of employment opportunities, through which the qualification and the employability of the clients is furthered.
The tenants of social services:
  • respecting and ensuring the human rights and basic freedoms of the people that take advantage of our services.
  • the offered services, as well as the form and range of the cooperation maintain the maximal level of each person’s self-respect, whether it be a client or the proprietor of the service.
  • during our cooperation, each client is approached on a personal, humane level
  • the offered services develop the client’s level of activity as well as his/her emancipation
  • the offered services develop the client’s social placement within a community
  • the offered services react to the specific needs of the target group
  • the offered services are executed on a professional level

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